Gudevichy State Literary and Local History Museum

The museum was founded as a school museum in 1968 by the teacher A. M. Belokoz. In 1990, the museum acquired the status of a state museum. Today, besides a permanent exposition in 10 halls, there is a farmstead as an excursion object. The main museum fund includes 15,772 items; and the additional one - 4,910 items. The pride of the museum is the collection of articles in the technology of double weaving (the late 19th - 20th century). It provides general tours, thematic and theatrical excursions, workshops, lectures, various exhibitions and public events. Tourists can visit the animation show "Welcome to the Hut!" The museum hosts the club of weaving where anyone can master weaving on the hand-loom. The technology of double weaving is carefully preserved by the museum personnel; and in 2011 it was granted the status of intangible value.
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